HYPOSO experts visit potential sites in Uganda

In the second half of August 2021, the HYPOSO project could finally take one big step towards a milestone. The experts from HYPOSO project partners Frosio Next (Italy), IMP PAN (Poland), and local HPAU gathered in Uganda to visit the selected sites for SHP development. The sites are located in the south, west, and east of Uganda.

An image, showing the three sites in Uganda for which a pre-feasibility study will be developed, as well as a part of the HYPOSO experts' team

At their arrival in the capital Kampala, the HYPOSO experts were welcomed by a local committee that was honoured by the presence of MoP and HYPOSO Advisory Board Member Dr Eng Irene Muloni, who is also a Presidential Advisory on Energy. Further members of the welcome committee were the local stakeholders who like to develop the SHP sites together with the experts from the HYPOSO project. 
The site visits after the welcome meeting took place during two weeks. At each site, the local site owners discussed details of a potential implementation of a SHP that would benefit in all cases the local population and shall lead to better development possibilities in the rural regions.

Now, being back in Europe, the HYPOSO experts use the insights they made to develop for each site a pre-feasibility study, which will be presented to the European industry at a later stage (follow the news and register for the newsletter to recieve updated information). The EU hydro industry is invited to deploy the sites together with the local owners. 

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