The HYPOSO Project

The HYPOSO Project (funded under the H2020 programme under grant agreement No 857851) aims at supporting the European hydropower industry while at the same time fostering a sustainable development in selected target countries in Africa and Latin America.



Thirteen project partners from Europe, Africa and Latin America work together to achieve the following objectives:

  • promotion of the European hydropower industry
  • policy recommendation papers
  • better investment conditions in the target countries
  • increase the share of renewable energy in targeted regions
  • Approach

The HYPOSO objectives will be achieved by a combination of tools and activities.

  • framework analyses with regard to small hydropower up to 30 MW for selected target countries (Bolivia, Cameroon, Colombia, Ecuador and Uganda);
  • mapping of more than 2,000 potential hydropower sites in the target countries with a geo information system (GIS) mapping tool;
  • capacity building – development of a Knowledge and Capacity Development (KCD) tool for capacity building of local stakeholders (i.e. hydropower professionals – young and senior, political deciders)
  • in cooperation with local experts and political stakeholders, elaboration of 15 dedicated business case studies of SHP projects (three in each of the five target countries) with a focus on local financing, leading to at least 5 signed Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between stakeholders from target countries and the European hydropower sector.
  • Leaflet: A leaflet will be provided to give you information about the HYPOSO project in a nutshell.
  • Video material

The HYPOSO project video will be produced and be available in the beginning of the year 2020.

Project Partners


Altogether 13 project partners from 11 countries collaborate in the HYPOSO project.


1to3 Capital


Centro Latinoamericano para la Pequeña Hidroelectrica

(CELAPEH – Colombia)

Escuela Politécnica Nacional

(EPN - Ecuador)

European Renewable Energies Federation

(EREF – Belgium)

Hydro Power Association of Uganda Limited

(HPAU – Uganda)

IHE Delft Institute for Water Education

(IHE Delft – Netherlands)

Instytut Maszyn Przepływowych PAN

(IMP PAN – Poland)


(SHW – Cameroon)

Studio Frosio


TRMEW sp. z o.o.


Universidad Mayor de San Simón

(UMSS – Bolivia)

Vytauto Didžiojo Universitetas

(VDU – Lithuania)

WIP Renewable Energies

(WIP - Germany)

Advisory Board

The HYPOSO Consortium will be supported by an Advisory Board that provides expert knowledge and advice to facilitate best the achievement of the HYPOSO project objectives.

The HYPOSO Advisory Board consists of renowned experts with plenty of experience in the hydropower sector.