Hydropower solutions for developingand emerging countries

Hydropower solutions for developing
and emerging countries

HYPOSO & the EU Hydropower Industry


The European Hydropower Industry stands for excellent performances and services. HYPOSO aims at supporting the EU industry to foster more clean and reliable energy in target countries in Africa and Latin America. Find out more in just two minutes in our new video.

Check out the HYPOSO Handbook (en, fr, es) and further publications in Sector Information.





HYPOSO and the EU Hydropower Industry


HYPOSO - Useful tools for the hydro sector





HYPOSO Study Tour - May 2023


Target Countries

Find more information about the target countries.


The HYPOSO Map will provide information about hydropower sites in Bolivia, Colombia and Ecuador in Latin America, and in Cameroon and Uganda in Africa. Hydropower experts from the EU and the target countries are invited to commonly exploit the sustainable potential.

The preparation of the HYPOSO Map is currently under way and the first results are expected during spring/summer, in 2021.

To get full acess to the HYPOSO Map, it will be necessary to register at the HYPOSO Platform.

HYPOSO Project is finished

1 June 2023

Dear reader, the HYPOSO Project has officially come to an end on 31 May 2023. This website will therefore not be as active as during the project runtime, however, if important updates from the HYPOSO [...]

HYPOSO Final Event - a great final for the HYPOSO Study Tour and the HYPOSO Project

12 May 2023

In the last month of the HYPOSO project duration, a HYPOSO Final Event titled “Hydropower solutions for developing and emerging countries – Bringing Africa, Latin America and Europe [...]

HYPOSO Study Tour in Europe

11 May 2023

The HYPOSO Study Tour had the aim of bringing together potential business partners from the HYPOSO target countries with the European hydropower industry. It was planned that selected African and [...]

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