HYPOSO Final Event - a great final for the HYPOSO Study Tour and the HYPOSO Project

In the last month of the HYPOSO project duration, a HYPOSO Final Event titled “Hydropower solutions for developing and emerging countries – Bringing Africa, Latin America and Europe together” was organised on 12 May 2023 at IHE Delft, to present the HYPOSO project results and discuss the needs for the future of small hydropower in Europe, in the HYPOSO target countries, and in the world. 
The event brought together relevant stakeholders from the target countries (political and industrial) and representatives of the European hydropower industry and other stakeholders. It was an opportunity not only to learn about the HYPOSO project results, but also to use the chance of having an international delegation at the venue, stakeholders from the national hydropower sectors from the HYPOSO target countries in Africa (Cameroon and Uganda) and in Latin America (Bolivia, Colombia, and Ecuador), who arrived in Delft after the HYPOSO Study Tour through four European countries.

The agenda was as follows (in brackets are the times of the presentations if you are interested in the talks) :

Welcome and introduction - Miroslav Marence, IHE Delft, Netherlands
About the HYPOSO Project
Ingo Ball, WIP, Germany (00:05:35)
Key note speech
Hélène Chraye, Deputy Director Clean Planet and Head of Unit Clean Energy Transition, DG Research & Innovation, European Commission (00:19:40)
Opportunities for the EU small hydropower sector under the EU Green Deal
Dirk Hendricks, EREF, Belgium (00:36:30)
The HYPOSO Map – a useful tool for academia and the industry
Petras Punys, VDU, Lithuania (00:57:20)
Capacity building – working today on the experts for tomorrow
Miroslav Marence, IHE Delft, Netherlands (01:30:35)
15 potential hydropower sites in five countries – possibilities for corporations
Bernhard Pelikan, Frosio Next, Italy (01:53:50)
Framework conditions for small hydropower – experiences from three continents
Ewa Malicka, TRMEW, Poland (02:27:05)

Panel discussion (02:56:50, not all speakers are visible, yet audible)

Full video of the Final Event

In the morning, b2b talks were organised and interested European stakeholders had small stands where they presented themselves in a little exhibition to the international partners. In parallel, the HYPOSO Advisory Board met in the premises of IHE Delft. 
This first coming together was concluded with a Gala Dinner in the evening.

We hope that the contacts made will be used to bring forward the hydropower sector in Africa, Europe, and in Latin America.

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