Sector information

Useful information about the hydropower sectors in the EU and the five target countries can be found here.

Stakeholder lists

Bringing together stakeholders from the same sector with colleagues from other countries is vital to enhance the sector. The HYPOSO project partners work together to map as many stakeholders in the EU and the target countries as possible to facilitate an overview about the hydropower landscape in these regions.

  • European Union
    • List of European stakeholders
  • Target Countries
    • Bolivia - List of national stakeholders
    • Cameroon – List of national stakeholders
    • Colombia – List of national stakeholders
    • Ecuador – List of national stakeholders
    • Uganda – List of national stakeholders

Framework conditions

The HYPOSO project will develop a digest about the framework conditions in the target countries. It is planned to be ready in April 2020.






HYPOSO publications

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Original LeafletConsortiumpdf28.02.2020HYPOSO_leaflet_eng_original
Leaflet print formatConsortiumpdf28.02.2020HYPOSO_leaflet_eng_for_print
Project PosterConsortiumpdf28.02.2020HYPOSO Project Poster




Other publications

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