Sector Information

Useful information about the hydropower sectors in the EU and the five target countries can be found here.


The HYPOSO Handbook is not only a product of the HYPOSO project but at the same time a true product of European expertise and collegial cooperation.

In addition to information on the history and on the application areas of small hydropower, this handbook shows and describes various technical solutions for the small hydropower sector. Valuable information on planning and financing models complete this book.

Special thanks go to the Horizon 2020 project "Hydropower Europe" for facilitating the contact with the expert Prof. Cécile Münch-Alligné, who also represents the Horizon 2020 project "XFLEX Hydro". Valuable input on fish-friendly concepts came from the Horizon 2020 project "FIThydro", represented by Lea Berg and Prof. Peter Rutschmann. Information on the latest opportunities in hidden hydro as well as turbine technology was supported by Vincent Denis, who is associated with EU projects as an evaluator.



Stakeholder lists

Bringing together stakeholders from the same sector with colleagues from other countries is vital to enhance the sector. The HYPOSO project partners work together to map as many stakeholders in the EU and the target countries as possible to facilitate an overview about the hydropower landscape in these regions.


Framework conditions & Political recommendations

The HYPOSO project partners in Bolivia, Cameroon, Colombia, Ecuador and Uganda have analysed political, legal, financial and educational framework as well as financing opportunities for the prospective hydropower sector in their countries.

The presented information includes the following for each country:
•    Key facts;
•    Power sector overview and renewable electricity policy;
•    Hydropower sector and potential;
•    Small hydropower (SHP) policy and market analysis;
•    Educational framework, research situation and need for research;
•    SHP financing opportunities and environment;
•    Barriers to SHP development;
•    Future prospects for large and small hydropower


HYPOSO publications

Title / DownloadAuthor(s)TypeDateLanguage
Replicable Pre-Feasibility Study FNpdf30.06.2023en
Replicable environmental and socio-economic impact assessmentFNpdf 30.06.2023en
Financial Assessment of 15 SHP cases1to3pdf30.06.2023en
National and international events attended by HYPOSOTRMEWpdf31.05.2023en
The HYPOSO business cooperation study tour TRMEWpdf31.05.2023en
HYPOSO capacity buidling strategy for Bolivia, Ecuador, Cameroon, and Uganda  IHE Delftpdf31.05.2023en
HYPOSO cooperation with European hydropower industryEREF pdf31.05.2023en
Report on five framework conditions workshops for SHPTRMEWpdf30.05.2023 en
Report on five webinars in the HYPOSO target countriesFNpdf12.05.2023en
HYPOSO Map module with high performance web site interface VDUpdf30.04.2023en
The HYPOSO Map establishmentVDUpdf30.06.2020 en
Original Leaflet Consortiumpdf28.02.2020en
Leaflet print format Consortiumpdf28.02.2020en
Project Poster Consortiumpdf28.02.2020en
English HandbookConsortiumpdf31.12.2020 en
Manuel français Consortiumpdf31.12.2020fr
Manual españolConsortiumpdf31.12.2020es
Capacity building - training methods Consortiumpdf30.07.2020en
Capacity building - activity schedulesConsortiumpdf 30.07.2020en
Report on framework analysis and research needs in five target countriesConsortium pdf30.04.2020en
Overview promotion materialsConsortiumpdf12.09.2020en



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