Sector Information: Cameroon

Stakeholder/Institution nameField of activitiesWebsite
National Advanced School Of EngineeringResearch / Teaching
Ecole Polytechnique De Maroua Research / Teaching
The University Of BamendaResearch / Teaching
University Of NgaoundereResearch / Teaching
Ministry Of Energy And WaterNational Authority
Ministry Of Economy, Planning And Regional Development National
Ministry Of FinanceNational Authority
Electricity Sector Regulatory Agency (Arsel)Regulation Os The Sector
Eneo Cameroon S.A. Utility
Electricity Development Corporation (EDC)Owned Government Assets
National Electricity Transmission Company (Sonatrel)Power Transmission
Rural Electrification Agency (Agence D’Electrification Rurale, AER) Rural Electrificationn.a.
Nhpc (Nachtigal Hydro Power Company)Hydropower Company
Hydro MekinHydropower Company
Memve'Ele ProjectMemve’Ele
IED InvestHydropower Company
TPF ConsultantInternational Consulting Company
Bethel Industrievertretung Inc Ltd (BIIL)Hydropower Companyn.a.
Alpha TechnologyConsulting & Hydropower Companyn.a.
Kedjom Power Project Hydropower Companyn.a.
Fabien M. Assigana & Associates International Consulting  n.a.
GreenwattHydropower Company n.a.
AdeidRural Developmentn.a.
SolarhydrowattConsulting & Hydropower
Fokoue City CouncilLocal Communityn.a.
Berkeley EnergyHydropower International Companyn.a.
Bamusso City CouncilLocal Community n.a.
Asian PacificInternational Companyn.a.
Sales StreamsInternational Companyn.a.
Hydrochina Corporation International Companyn.a.
Club MilleniumInternational Companyn.a.
Hydromine IncInternational Companyn.a.
TBEAHydropower Companyn.a.
CWEInternational Companyn.a.
Sino HydroInternational Companyn.a.
Joule Africa International Companyn.a.
SuhnHydropower Companyn.a.
China National Electric Equipment CorporationConstruction Companyn.a.
China Gezhouba Group CoInternational Companyn.a.
Power Construction Corporation Of ChinaInternational Company n.a.
Sinohydro Corporation LimitedInternational Companyn.a.
Xuan Thien Africa Investment S.AInternational Companyn.a.
China National Aero-Technology International Engineering CorporationInternational Companyn.a.
Erg Construction And Trade CoInternational Company
PlatinuimInternational Companyn.a.
China Railway Construction CorporationInternational Companyn.a.
CMEC/PBECInternational Company n.a.
Double Kingdom LtdInternational Companyn.a.
IRGMResearch Instituten.a.
MatgenieConsulting Company n.a.
InfrasolConsulting Companyn.a.
SolsolutionConsulting Company
ECTA-BTPConsulting Company
PrescorConsulting Companyn.a.
EGISConsulting Company
PrismaConsulting Company
XimcorInternational Company (USA)n.a.
Dschang City CouncilLocal Communityn.a.

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