In the morning of 27 October 2020, the HYPOSO project was given a stage in a dedicated workshop which attracted the participation of 88 delegates. In the online-workshop, co-chaired by Veronica Minaya (EPN , Ecuador) and Bernhard Pelikan (Studio Frosio, Austria), first, the project itself was presented by HYPOSO coordinator Ingo Ball (WIP). Then, Petras Punys (VMU) presented in brief the results of a framework condition analysis for the five target countries of the project. After the overview, the project partners from the target countries gave more insights into the framework conditions for hydropower in their countries. Joseph Kenfack (SHW, Cameroon), Dan Marlone Nabutsabi (HPAU, Uganda), Andres Gonzales (UMSS, Bolivia), Carlos Velasquez (CELAPEH, Colombia) and Veronica Minaya (EPN, Ecuador) informed the workshop participants with very interesting presentations. After that, Beatrice Baratti (Studio Frosio, Italy) presented how potential sites were identified in Cameroon and in Uganda. Miroslav Marence (IHE Delft) continued the session with his presentation about the capacity building courses that are planned within HYPOSO to foster the pool of hydropower experts in the five target countries. Concluding, Tasniem Jawaid (EREF, Belgium) informed the stakeholders of the hydropower sector how to get involved in the HYPOSO project.
The direct responses after the workshop showed a big interest of the European hydropower sector and shows, that HYPOSO is a welcome initiative.