Last Project Developer Workshops held with stakeholders from Bolivia and Colombia

On 16 March 2022 and on 13 May 2022, HYPOSO project partner Frosio Next organised the last two online workshops to select the best potential hydropower sites that shall be investigated within the project in Bolivia and Colombia.

At the first workshop for Bolivia, on 16 March 2022, local HYPOSO project partner Universidad Mayor de San Simón (UMSS) managed to welcome stakeholders from the Ministry of Oil and Energy (ME), members of the Ministry of Water and Environment (MMAYA), members of the National Agency of Energy Distribution (CNDC), members of the national electricity company (ENDE-CORANI and ENDE-CORPORACION), and researchers of UMSS (Universidad Mayor de San Simon).  

The second and last Project Developer Workshop was oragnised on 13 May 2022 for Colombia. Among the Colombian stakeholders which attended the webinar, there were members of the National Planning Authority - Energy and Mining (UPME), members of the Environmental Regional Authority (CRC), equipment manufacturers and suppliers and project developers. 

At both workshops, Beatrice Baratti from Frosio Next presented the pre-selection of 10 potential hydropower sites in Bolivia and Colombia, out of which 3 sites each are selected to carry out business case studies and make the sites ready for explorance. The discussions were very professional and interesting and support the achievement of the HYPOSO objectives.

The HYPOSO consortium thanks the participating stakeholders and the local partners. 

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