Escuela Politécnica Nacional – EPN


EPN University is a pioneer institute in scientific research and nuclear sciences of Ecuador that includes the South America Astronomical Observatory and the Geophysical Institute.  It´s a scientific institute “A” Category recognized both nationally and internationally in the field of education and research. It was created in August 30th 1869 by Decree of the  Ecuador's National Convention within the Gabriel García Moreno Government.

The EPN’s mission is to cultivate conscientious, fraternal and critical academics and professionals in engineering and in sciences, who contribute to social well-being. Nowadays, the Institute developes its activities on the Campus “José Ruber Orellana Ricaurte” located at the western part of Quito, capital of Ecuador.

The EPN´s core activities are:

EPN offers a total of 21 ungraduated and 6 postgraduate programs distributed among 8 Faculties and the Technologists Training School (ESFOT). Also, the Institute has 7 Intern Research Centers, one Interinstitutional Centre, one Research Institute, 23 Departments and 122 Laboratories to develop education and research activities.

EPN is consistently ranked by the national accreditation board, CEAACES, as among Ecuador’s leading universities. A recent publication of the British consulting Quacquarelli Syminds (QS) located the EPN in the 801-1.000 ranking of the best Universities  in the world and it shows the excellence of the Polytechnic community.
Statistical data shows that the average age of a graduated student at EPN is 25 and around 52% of students get a job before they graduate. Around 51 % of EPN´ students work on private companies and 38% of graduates have continued their studies and holds a fourth-level degree.

-E Scientia Hominis Salus-


Ladrón de Guevara
170517, Quito

Veronica Graciela Minaya  Maldonado
(English, Spanish)